Got Packet Radio Working

It was the most amazing, hacked together, ugly thing you can think of.

FYI: Packet radio is where I pretty much use my 144MHz radio as a modem (like to connect to the internet), except that instead of the internet, I connect to other radios, which are connected to other computers running software to forward messages from one radio operator to another.  In short, it's email over radio.

The thing is, I don't have the cables to connect my radio to my computer, but it's just sound, so who needs cables?  I have a speaker plugged into the computer, but whenever I started transmitting I have to hold my push-to-talk button. For receiving, I have radio->speaker-mic->mono to sterio adapter->1/8th inch patch cable->laptop's linein port->AGWPE TNC simulator.  It's super buggy and slow, but I managed to fire off a few test messages to myself and W6MOL Bob on the K6SNY-1 BBS, so it works!  And it only took me about an hour...

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