No VHF Contesting for Me

I went to the WVARA club meeting last night. This month they had a presentation on running a rover in a VHF competition, but what really hit me was how equipment heavy VHF+ competitions are. Only having a 5W HT, which only does FM, pretty much dooms me to fail before I begin. He said that without Morse or SSB, I shouldn't expect to make more that a few contacts all weekend.

Do I believe him? Yeah. I can get on every repeater in the south bay and not be able to raise anyone else. It's freakin ridiculous. I can't wait until I get my hands on a 40M radio (cough, which works...).

Does anyone know: do I loose my QSL cards if I use them for an award, or can I just turn in photocopies? IF I have to loose QSL cards, screw it, I'll print myself my own "Kenneth Finnegan Verified and Issued Worked All States Award." Might even throw in the Jeff Glass Seal of Approval.

Edit: Nope, finally found the ARRL site for WAS, and it request you include enough postage to return the cards, or have them verified locally.

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