Problem Solving - Part 3

So in Part 2 we looked at a few different ways to get this freakin huge file to the other company nicely.

My idea was to not use a file system at all, but to write the file directly onto the flash drive using dd. It would be rather simple:
dd if=bigfile.tar of=/dev/sdb
Just substitute what the dev name for it is. Then just tell them the exact byte size of the file and issue the same command in reverse. I thought it was somewhat clever.

The lame part? Once they got it on a flash drive (using some file system that I had never head of - C something), there was so much red tape they had to cut through to send this encrypted file through FedEx, that my dad retrying the FTP transfer finished before they got the flash drive in the mail. SUPER LAME!

Thanks for playing, though! It was fun.

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