I Hate Facebook Chat

I can't believe how bad a job Facebook did on that new feature.  It feels like I'm talking on AIM from 2001 or something.  Not only that, there is a painfully easy (relatively) way to fix all of my complaints.

Facebook should have just implemented Facebook chat using Jabber (open, mature standard).  Once Google is using something like that, as a standalone program, and imbedded in Gmail, I don't see many reasons not to use that same technology.  If Facebook used Jabber, I'd be able to load my Facebook friends list into Pidgin along with all the screen names I have for people from AIM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, Bonjour (If you let me even call those screen names...), but more importantly, I'd have control on how it's all presented to me. 

Trust me, it wouldn't be through javascript in my browser.  Ever.

The technology is all already out there.  I can easily setup a Jabber server in my room for crying out loud (Haven't done it yet due to the complete uselessness of it).  I just do not understand why they went back and reinvented the wheel.

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