Problem Solving - Part 1

My dad often comes home from work and describes problems he is running into at work and gets my take on other ways to approach the problem.  This time it was that he needed to move a 30GB file to another company's mask shop, which has been a problem since these files are usually under 100MB.

First thought would be a hard drive, but they've lost magnetic media through security before, so it's going to need to be optical or solid state.  Spliting it between DVDs would be a pain.  BluRay would still be pretty expensive.

So one of the engineers goes to Fry's and buys a 32GB flash drive.  I caught it right away, but I'd like to see if any of my readers can catch why this is going to completely fall on its face.


  1. thanks for giving me something to do at work. i have a bunch of hunches but nothing obvious atm, i have to look up some stuff.

    (to be continued)

  2. here, have fun.
    thinking out loud...

    my initial thoughts are:
    -are flash drives affected by magnetic issues as well? i dont know much about flash memory offhand.
    -limitations on flash drives?
    -filesystem limitations?

    I looked up and the internetz say that any magnet that's strong enough to mess with a flash drive might as well be powerful enough to suck the iron out of your blood. so that's not it.

    My second thought is something involving really big files. But if it were simply a case of limitations involving filesize (i.e. files can't be over x GB) then you could just split it anyways. So i'm assuming that's not it either.

    or is it? if it's FAT32 then you can't have files larger than 4 GB (i had to look up the exact number but I remembered something like that being the case). I would think that splitting the file is enough of an obvious solution though, that that's not what you're thinking of.

    slightly embarrassing.

  3. What's the capacity of a 32GB drive after formatting?

    I bet less that 30GB

  4. My numbers aren't exact, but there is enough space for it.


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