Keyword Madness

Having Google Analytics on this site never ceases to entertain me. Little is as thought provoking as seeing what people are searching for when finding my blog. Not to mention it's some really random shit...

Some of my posts have come out as real favorites overall:
  • My Ubuntu Setup: Out in the lead easy with 72 hits in July. People are finding this through all kinds of angles, be it setting up Hamachi, or getting Firestarter to work with it, to getting a Subversion server running.
  • A Better Way to Convert ppm to jpg: A followup to my sad excuse of an attempt at shell scripting. Both of the posts on this get about 40 hits a month from all kinds of permutations on the concept of "ppm to jpg" I originally wrote it because of a $20 camera I got that stores in ppm, which is a useless format online.
  • Adding Calcium to My Aquarium: Rounding out the favorites with 23 hits in July, a post on the concept of adding Calcium to my aquarium's water, finally settling on chalk. My snail has *seemed* happier once I added it, but who knows...
Then what really gets me is that every few months, some search term crops up that points to my blog. A lot. One that reaally surprised me was my callsign. 28 times in the last two months has someone googled my callsign (KI6RLA) and found my blog. I would understand if one or two people googled me after talking to me on the air, but I didn't think I talked enough to get myself 28 hits... (Hi all ya hams out there reading my blog now! Leave a comment!)

The latest popular one really just blows my mind. If you're the one who has been using it, please, lemme know. Since July 27, I've gotten 28 hits from the search term "kenneth 1kbwc" (1kbwc is short for 1000 Blank White Cards). I have to think that one person has just been using it as an easy way to find my blog, in which case I must urge you to use my favorite: (in quotes) "google owns my soul". It might be a little longer, but the feeling and passion behind it is just so much better. Kenneth 1kbwc is so specific. "Google owns my soul" is such a univeral phrase, which makes it accessable to the masses, and continues to remind me how much of a nerd I really am.

Anyone else have any good keyword stories from the trenches of web mastering?

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