Christmas Present for My Honey

I had some ideas for what I wanted to get her, but once I saw this on Martha Stewart, I just couldn't pass it up.  A picture puzzle; 12 blocks of wood, pick out 6 pictures with love and care, and make her something that she can love and cherish (not to mention I get to watch her trying to decide which of 6 sides goes with each picture).  I even cheated and used 7 pictures, just to throw her.  I love her so much.
Cut the blocks at home over Thanksgiving.  They're a little over one inch, because that's what I happened to find in the shop.
This is one of the small pictures.  Start by rubber banding them together.
Wood glue on top.  May not be the best glue, but of what else I had (rubber cement, gorilla, paper stick), it seemed like the best.
Yeah!  Presents aren't worth it if you can't get your hands dirty.
It's us!  In the snow!
I trimmed the edges by turning it upside down on my sheet glass (from a picture frame) and cut it with a razor.
Run the razor down each joint, and separate the pieces.  Make sure to separate them, since otherwise the wood glue would make it a pretty lame puzzle.  Less puzzle, more blocks of wood glued back together with a picture stuck to them.
  It's the last picture!  Unfortunately, some of the paper got a little soggy with the glue, so make sure to use heavier paper or as little glue as possible.
I'm such a good boyfriend.

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