Merry Christmas to Myself from Grandparents

Like every year, my mother's parents gave me (along with the other 8 grandchildren) gift cards to wherever we asked for. I asked for Office Depot this year so I could finally satisfy myself with all the office supplies I've been drooling over for years. I went shopping today with Jessica and made a killing:
What I got:
  • 3 college ruled 6x9.5" notebooks - They were the last three notebooks that weren't wide ruled or "pre-worn"
  • 24 binder clips - They're like chip clips, cept 1/12th the price. I also use them a lot to organize the ballooning number of 1kbwc decks I've collected.
  • Super nice exacto knife - Alison lost my last one (long story, partly my fault), so I know she's going to find it now that I replaced it, but having something this nice to cut stuff with is refreshing.
  • Rolodex business card book - I'm actually doing all that networking stuff you're supposed to do in college, so instead of a huge stack of cards in the back of my box of cards, I can have them all nice and organized now.
  • 4 G2 0.5mm - These are pretty run of the mill. These are the only pen I depend on when I'm not using my fountain pens.
  • 4 Staedtler sketch pens - Jessica was the one who turned me on to these. The four of them are 0.7 0.5 0.3 and 0.1mm big, which I'm interested to see how they perform. I've heard a few horror stories about super sharp pens, but these might surprise me.
So exciting, and I never would have bought these by myself. This is the textbook case of how gift cards are meant to work. Thanks Grandma and Papa!

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