Hard Drive Failure

So KWF5 (Powerbook G3) has a 6 GB hard drive in it.  Needless to say, that is a little tight.  (Not really; most of what I do on it is programming that takes all of a few KiB)  What this really limits me to is only torrenting one ISO at a time, and needing to keep track of what I have on here.

Lucky for me, I just happen to have two 30GB laptop ATA drives knocking around in my junk box, along with the 256MB + 128MB of PC100 RAM I've already put to use in this thing.  Not so luckily, neither of them seem to work...  One sits there and reports read errors on every sector.  Do you know how many sectors there are in 30GB?  A freakin lot.  The other seems to have some potential, but the installer borks out when it first looks at it. 

More pain from the ugly stepchild of Ubuntu.

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