Linux Success at Band's Silent Auction

I admit that calling it a success isn't really being honest with myself until they get it home and actually get online with it, but the laptops at least sold. There was 7 laptops for sale, other 4 had XP on them and all of the laptops sold in the $100-$200 range, which considering their age and the guarantees (none), was a pretty fair price. The three Linux ones went for $120, $155, and $160, specifically. Considering I had a hand in that feels pretty good.

There was also an amazing number of desktops and monitors and printers, scanners, the list goes on. Turns out these were the old demo units, so when the new lines come in, our contact gets all the old ones dumped on him, and by then end, he was literally giving flat bed scanners away. If you want a cheap computer, come back next year.

I also enjoyed talking to several of the parents who seemed impressed by my work. It's always helpful to get positive feedback for the things I do; its easy to loose sight when the average person I interact with hasn't heard of Linux.

Word has it that there was even more computer that he didn't even have a chance to look at. I will possibly get to work with those in the coming week. He has also made sure to call me well in advanced next year so I can preorder official Ubuntu CDs to sell with the computers, and to make sure I can hit the ground running when I get home from Davis. Most of the Desktops hadn't been turned on, no specs, and were selling for $30 because of it.

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