Fixing More Laptops

The last week of hiatus for a otherwise stellar month of blogging was thanks to Michael having more laptops for me. Since this project started, I've worked on 8 laptops for him, and have as of yet managed to bring 7 of them back to life. Of those, 4 had no operating system, and 2 were completely DOA.

Installing Linux isn't a problem, I can do that. It's the black magic of bring the laptops back to life that has been just killing me.
First one: powered up, no screen, seems like just a dead LCD. Insert Ubuntu CD and plug in external monitor, BIOS flashes on the laptops own screen. Try booting off hard drive for the fun of it; Welcome to freakin Windows XP Pro. Why that did anything, got me...
Second one: I am dead serious; Turn over, hit a couple times, turn on power. I don't literally pound on computers in frustration, so it's not that I don't know why this works, I HAVE NO IDEA HOW I FIGURED IT OUT!

This winter break is almost over already. Almost time to head back to the good ol' Davis.

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