Gyroscope from Manufaturing Class

Last week of class, so in EME 50 (manufacturing for mechanical engineers) shop this week we had a spin off to see who's gyro built for the class stood up the longest. My bearings were far from perfect, so I didn't stand a chance of winning, but my 5m03s was respectable (Winner was 6m and change, that last minute is hard to get). I finished all my projects for the class fairly quickly, so I had plenty of time to polish it. Luckily, my dad has an old metal lathe he wants me to look at to decide if I want it or not, so I could most likely refresh my bearings on it.

Final picture is next to a deck of 3x5 cards to give you an idea of scale. I've been running it quite a bit now that I've taken it home, but am still getting a decent 4 minutes out of it (2 minutes is required to pass the class). The bearings do have a finite life span, and they are definitely already showing heavy wear.

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