Retrocomputing, its What I Do

I really hate link-dumping, but this article is just too perfect. He explains almost exactly what I enjoy about playing with Linux. The powerbook project is a perfect example of this. I got what used to been a very expensive piece of hardware, for free, and installed an enterprise power OS on it, then try and do the most outlandish things with it. In this case, I browse the web and solve Project Euler with a nine year old computer.


  1. being the responsible person I am, i've waited until NOW to ask you about whether you're gonna be coming tomorrow. Chelsea and weff want rides, and well, I'm right there too, sooooooo...

    dur dur durrr...

    sorry kenneth.

  2. Of all the ways to contact me, randomly commenting on my latest blog post isn't it.

  3. but you always respond so reliably! *wince*

  4. There is something to be said about taking an old computer and resurrecting it so that it is useful again. To me it's damn fun. Cheers!


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