SerialCouple V2.0 PCBs are in

At some point, I will stop getting so excited every time one of my designs comes back...  just not yet.  This whole custom fabrication thing is still really exciting to me.

This is based on the previous SerialCouple board, but instead of coming out to an FTDI serial port, it comes out to a DE-9 RS-232 port.  You might call this a legacy SerialCouple board, for interfacing with devices stuff in the last century peripheral-wise *coughiPodcough*.  Like always, ITead did a meh-decent job on the PCBs, and the two freebie boards were amusing:

 The first thing that jumps out about this board (other than it surprisingly being red and larger than 5cm), is the ever popular Arduino shield pattern that I hate so much.  I found some documentation on the project (ppt warning), and after an email with the designer, this is a breakout board for toy boats used for a master course in mechatronics for maritime engineering.  You control azipods to position the boat, which is an understandablely difficult problem.  Interesting, but useless to me without the boats.
The function of this one is pretty clear; a capacitive water level sensor.  The bottom layer has "Calmar 2011" etched in the copper, but nothing meaningful was found online, and I don't think I can quite infer the BOM from the silkscreen...

So in short, please please please people, use URLs in your silk when swapping stuff on ITead. 

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