The Complete Kenneth Finnegan Computer Roster

Because I can't remember what computers I freakin have.
  • KWF
    • Presario 8000
    • 768MB RAM, PC2100
    • Athlon XP 2100+
  • KWF2
    • Pavilion d4100e
    • 1.5GB RAM PC3200
      • One slot of 4 left empty
    • Athlon 64 3700+
  • KWF3 (laptop)
    • Inspiron 1505E
    • 2GB RAM PC5300
    • Core Two 5600
  • KWF4
    • Pavilion a320n
    • 512MB RAM, PC2700
      • Onboard video takes 64MB, can be changed in BIOS
    • Athlon XP 2800+
  • PBG3
    • Powerbook G3 (740) - 400MHz
    • 192MB RAM


  1. Can't remember all the computers you have? Poor baby. :P

  2. totally acceptable. But it starts to get ridiculous if, for example, you can't keep track of your Wii's...or your XBox'es...or your DS's...or your GBA SP's...(last one actually happened to me and my brother, we have like 3 SPs and a vanilla GBA...we wanted to play Four Swords/Four Swords Adventures with 4 players, among other things...)


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