Results of My CT Scan

I've been suffering from a super mild headache since November.  A doctor at UC Davis examined me and decided it wasn't anything serious.  The headaches weren't anything too distracting until after school let out.  All summer I've had this headache constantly.  I finally got into Kaiser this month and, among other things, they took a CT scan of my head.

Unfortunately they did not post the raw image data online.  That would have been way too fun to look at a CT scan of my head, and render images from the raw data, but that would just totally confuse 99.99% of people.  Sometimes I hate being an engineer.

Recurrent headache.
The ventricular systems are unremarkable and no midline shift is noted.  No evidence of intracranial hemorrhage mass lesion or extra-axial fluid collection identified.  The visualized paranasal sinuses and mastoids are unremarkable.  The calvarium is intact.
No acute intracranial process is seen.

Translation: the radiology department sees absolutely nothing wrong with my head.  The medication Kaiser put me on has helped up to a point.  The headache was gone all of last week, but I got dehydrated this weekend and then got sick, and the headache has come back full force.  

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