Music to Program to

I happened upon a list of sources of free music to download to listen to while programming. Music for programming is a very specific breed. It needs to be so close to the line of white noise that no one will really take it seriously, but it still needs to be music.

One of these links dropped me into an Apache rendered directory view. No zip files, just directory after directory of mp3s. Time to pull out a tool to make my life easy. Wget.

wget -r --no-parent -A.mp3

Simply put, recursively (-r) download only the files below this folder (--no-parent) which end in .mp3 (-A.mp3). I cannot yet represent the general quality of the music, I am just a man, with 150KB/s DSL.

I love wget. Anyone who calls themself computer literate should at least once read through the wget man page. I love wget so much, I can't even live without it in Windows.

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