Moving In / Scheduled Posts

Right about now, I should be moving two truckloads of furniture into my new apartment in Davis.  It's sweet; 7 blocks from the University, and right next to downtown.

So the question becomes "How is Kenneth posting this?"

For anyone paying atention, you might have noticed that several of my posts have time stamps on them well before I am awake (8am, 9am, 11am).  I have been using Blogger Draft's schedule feature in full ernest.

For anyone with a blogger account, log into, and you get all the new cutting edge features that every other blog platform had two years ago...

My problem is that I usually come up with 3-4 post ideas at a time, so I schedule them out for the rest of the week so you don't get flooded with boring examinations of Kenneth's life all at once, but a nice calm stream.

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