Most Ridiculous Story Ever

So I was late for band practice, and the rest of the band wasn't playing loud enough, so Timm[ie] asked for ideas of what is loud, and combined the three of them...


  1. probably one of the best experiences i've ever had as DM. Just me and the hornline, doing something ridonkulous.

    The picture is pretty much a copy of what someone tried to draw in the Pictionary page in my yearbook senior year (for that year and junior year I had crazy activities for people to do). A non-band person was trying to guess what it was and we told him he was just never gonna get it.

    Me: Alright guys lets DO THIS! CHORD PROGRESSION! SET!
    *blaringly loud cacophony*
    Me: *cutoff*
    Me: ...
    Me: ...ok. Ok guys. You sounded -exactly- like that.
    Me: ...Let's never do that again.

  2. i also like how the proportions didn't exactly work out so you're not even fingering anything.

  3. Is this an actual 10KBWC card? If not, it should be.

  4. It, in fact, is. Timm[ie] created an entire set and scanned them for me. We have not yet played with them though.


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