Maybe Chrome is Kind of Cool...

After the rest of the blogosphere screaming about Google Chrome all week, I was pretty much ready to write it off as a non-event.

Per tab process?  Woohoo.  Yes, that's really cool, and will be really useful, but that's coming from a guy who has 4 computers in his room, and has Linux installed, if not solely running, on all of them.  For Joe Appliance User, there was nothing appealing about Chrome.

Oh lordy, was I wrong.  This thing puts Firefox's awesome bar to shame.  Go ahead, type my callsign into the URL bar.  It auto completes it as ""  FREAKING RIDICULOUS!

I was typing "prayer wheel" into the URL bar to search for it, and it suggested the Wikipedia entry for it right away.  It's like the Google search auto complete, except it tries to auto complete it with useful URLs instead of just finishing your search term.

Chrome does still need some work.  The ":%" bug entertains me endlessly, and then that when it comes back up, it doesn't recover your tabs for you.  Even Firefox brings back all the tabs when it crashes, so I'm not sold on it as a stability improvement.  Yet.

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