Artist's Trading Cards

Continuing my theme from my last post of collecting cards, this evening I was reading through and Lightable mentioned Artist's Trading Cards. I had never heard of these before, but apparently you make a little piece of art on a 2.5"x3.5" and trade it. A more thorough introduction from cedarseed. This is totally the same thing! It'd be awesome to gather a miniature collection of everyone's art that I could just pull out and flip through. The organized exchanges don't seem quite as appealing. There needs to be a story and a relationship behind each one, yeah?

I actually tried to do something of the like last year in my art class. We had to make 7 pieces for the final (read: art show), and for one of them, I had a block of wood with a key glued to it, tons of blank cards, and a plea for viewers to make another drawing of the key and add it to the tack board. Unfortunately, the show got rescheduled at the last moment, so attendance was probably thinner that it could have been. By the end of the show, the board wasn't even half covered, and few came across as serious.

Too bad my native format is 2.5"x3", though my 1kBWC decks are bordering pretty close on this to begin with.

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