Good Reads

I got an email invite from my mother for Good Reads last week.  I reflexively ignored it, based mainly on the fact that websites that send out email invites tend to be rather spammy and annoying.  This weekend my sister was visiting me in Davis, and Good Reads and Mom's invite came up in conversation.  Between the two of us and Alison, plus Robert and Devin through IM, we made the decision to spontaneously create the critical mass needed for any social network to be useful.

So what is Good Reads? A social network for books.  You can adds books to your lists of books read, books you're reading, and books you want to read.  Your friends can also see what books you're reading, and through the rating system, can see what books you liked.  I've already found a few books from other people's lists (mainly Robert's and Devin's) that I'd like to read at some point, so it's already useful.  Having this online list of books I want to read will be super useful, since now I know that I won't forget about books I always meant to read, and being able to access it from the library will also be super conveinient.

I was amazed by the thoroughness of the database.  I was trying to add textbooks from the 60s and it was pulling up a list of every edition, along with covers for many of them.

This certainly isn't a total online game changer for me like Google Reader or Read it Later, but it will be useful.  My Good Reads profile.

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