Fixed my Bike

I've been plagued with problems last few weeks with my bike. My front gear shift was randomly dropping gears on me, and when I coast, the chain bunches up and falls off the gears.

Fixing the shifter problem was pretty simple. There was a bolt that held the wire to the shifter, loosened it, moved the wire, tightened it, fixed!

The coasting problem was a different beast. I knew that this problem had something to do with the plastic disc between my gears and my back wheel, which was very brittle and had cracked enough to no stay centered. I happened to be in a bike shop this week (they're like Starbucks in Davis), and asked the clerk how hard it was to replace the disc. He was nice enough to point out that the plastic disc doesn't actually do anything, and offered to remove it for me. This disc is so far gone, I didn't even need to disassemble the bike, but simply cracked it in half with my hands.

Bam. Bike fixed.

Timm[ie], you suck.

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