Trains of Thought vs Stories of Action

Being in college leaves markedly less time to work on RL projects, as seen by the Great 2 Week Hiatus of 2008. This means that this blog will need to subtly change course (Wait, this blog had direction to start with?).

I'm going to try making more of these trains of thought posts like the last two, with links out to research results and my thoughts.

I don't see blogging so much as an excuse to create content (some of my early readers can vouch for how bad that is), so much as harnessing the content of one's life. A lack of content implies a lack of activity or change in my life, or so much activity and change that I'm overwhelmed and don't have time to wear my goggles and cape.

I digest such a phenomenal number of articles every day, figure I may as well harness it...

Note: In the last 30 days, I've read 5,061 RSS feed items, some of which are pictures, many of which are reddit links out to full length articles. Not to mention my Wikipedia trips. God damn!

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