Strange Union Pacific Power

Alison and I were walking to Ace yesterday, and as we were walking out of my apartment complex, across the street I saw this:

I can't identify either's model (even with my spotter's guide, which only goes up to GP-20 era) It's a GP39-2 and a SW1500 (Thanks Don!), but what I found extremely interesting was the switcher on the right. Granted I've seen plenty of switcher engines in my day, but never one in revenue service before. They were both gone by the time we got back.
Let me reemphasize one thing: This is what I see across the street from my apartment. How awesome is that? Nothing covers the sounds of annoying upstairs neighbors better than a good heavy freight train.

For those who want to know: These photos were taken from Olive Dr, across from the intersection of 2nd and L St in Davis, CA on October 11th, 2008 at 12:10 PM.

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