I Don't Get Text

It's true. My cell phone account has text messages disabled. It's a cost vs benifit decision. The problem is that when people send me text messages, usually it just disappears. There's no bounce message, no error, just... nothing.

The worst part is that many people inherently assume that text messages aren't lossy. I've "gotten" so many critical text messages before, it's not even funny. I love him so much. People need to learn that if you get no response, the other person has probably not gotten your text.

So I've been thinking about how to solve this problem for quite a while. The solution I came up with is actually something that is used in amateur radio circles. In amateur radio, there is three different levels of license, technician, general, and extra. Each level increases privileges, so that you can transmit on more frequencies. The thing is, when you first upgrade your license, the FCC database isn't going to show that you're upgraded for several days to several weeks. To make sure everyone else knows that you aren't breaking the law, when using new priviledges, you're required to sign your callsign ending with /AG or /AE until the website becomes up-to-date.

Every time I ever write down my phone number for someone else, I'm going to end it with /NT, for No Text.
ie: (408) 555-1000 /NT.
They'll have to ask me what it means, and the interaction will hopefully be memorable.

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