Finished my First Moleskine

If anything were to be used as one's membership card in the blogosphere, it would have to be a Moleskine notebook.  I got mine as a gift from my girlfriend last October when we first started going out (51 weeks, OH SNAP!).  Being the minimalist I am, of course the original plain pocket-size notebook is the most appealing to me.  192 pages, but since I single-side it, it ends up being 98? (Their math failure, not mine...)  But anyways, so October 5th, I finally finish filling my Moleskine.  Of course I had ordered my second one months in advance, so I was ready.

I've often had others flip through my notebook and comment on how wide spread the content is.  Keep in mind: this is my notebook for life.  Just as one should take notes for physics and chemisty, they should take notes for life.  Most normal people would call this a diary, but that has, like so many English terms, collected a conotation with it that is generally unappealing.
  • I am not a teenage girl.
  • There is no sob stories in this notebook.
  • There is actually very little having to do with my RL.
  • There is no commitment to write in it every day.
    • Unlike this blog, apparently...
  • There isn't anything secret in it.
So what does that leave?
  • 2 pages complete chaos
    • IP addresses, phone numbers, my dorm addresses, account numbers, office numbers, etc
  • 23 pages of lists
    • Ranged from things to remember from home, to shopping lists, to lists of people I know
  • 16 lists of ideas
    • Lists of small projects to work on, first drafts of designs that were little more than lists
  • 11 driving directions
    • Some of them, I was even nice enough to leave off things like the address, since it was obvious where I was going 6 months ago...
  • 5 Sketches
  •  27 Algorithm designs
    • This is where carrying the notebook around really helped.  Read a Project Euler problem, roll it over for a week or two, and you'll have the solution in an instant (case in point, solving #67 in the shower).
    • Most of these pages are taken up by flowcharts of the algorithms, which I enjoy writing.  Trying to draw flowcharts of recursive algorithms is a challenge in itself, and really shows that you understand it.
  • 4 pages of C code
  • 11 pages of miscellanea
So now I've been carrying my second Moleskine around for a month, and have yet to write anything in it other than my name and phone number.  I can't believe I still suffer from fear-of-ruining-the-first-page-of-a-new-notebook syndrome.

What do you think you'd put in your notebook?  Would it be a Moleskine?  (And don't pay full price for a Moleskine, buy it from Chronicle Books and use coupon code "parents" for 30% off and free shipping)

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