Where's the Office Pron?

Dude.  Where did all the good office pron blogs go?  I loved drooling over the latest Moleskine notebook hack or some crazy use for index cards.  Someone's review of some top of the line pen, or even a hack to make that above the top of the line pen atainable for the common man.  Merlin Mann got over it, that's fine, but why can't I find any other good blogs to replace his?

On the bright side, I have been enjoying having my own buisness cards.  I got them from Vista Print, which as far as I can tell is the scum of the online printing community, so as long as you can deal with telling them that you in fact do NOT want: matching retrun address labels, matching pens, matching letterhead, again matching return address labels, a buisness card holder, another 250 cards for only $7.49, postcards, and for a third time matching return address labels, they're a perfectly fine company.  I got a coupon code from Amazon for 250 premium cards for only shipping, which comes out to $5-7.  Embarrassingly enough, I happened to use the brown design with the swirls that is currently featured on the landing page.

On some level I've enjoyed the game of trading buisness cards with others.  I'm collecting this fun little pile of people's phone numbers and their selected artwork.  I guess this bodes well for my QSL card collection, eh?

For now, I'm just going to have to browse through Office Depot's site to get my fill of office supplies...

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