Starting Moleskine Two

Finally got down the first page in my new Moleskine. The first page is always the hardest. The notebook has unlimited possibilities until you write something in it. I've now constrainted the notebook to being in some way tangentally related to that first page. No more dreaming of writing an entire book through the one Moleskine. No more only putting in wonderful creative ideas, or sketches, or anything else.

Looks like the subject matter is going to be much like my last notebook. I am planning on making an effort to contrain it to the more future-proof subjects (less pages of todo lists and driving directions, that's what 3x5 index cards that fit in the back pocket are for). Flipping through my old notebook is nice, but would be so much better if it was really just my ideas and notes, not how to drive to... somewhere... (I'd often leave off the last few turns, since once I'm close it's obvious, which leaves me with directions ending southbound on 1 with no idea where it was to)

This post prompted by Wifely Steps.

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