Last Three Hours of my Life

In the interest of helping you, my loyal reader, understand what I usually do with my life (ie, the last two weeks when I haven't posted anything), I'm posting a list of the major points of interest in the last three hours of my life, since I ate dinner.

  • In the Beginning was the Command Line - A good, yet overly long, story of a guy's view on the differences of operating systems, and how Linux's creation was supported by Bill Gates, surprisingly enough.  I wouldn't commit to have read more than about 60% of this article.  Linked to from Jeff's
  • Beej's Guide to Network Programming - The defacto guide on networking for C.  This is the only thing I really gave up moving from Java to C, and really need to trudge through this article a few more times to really get it down.  Linked from some random Stack Overflow question.
  • A SELF-STUDY COURSE IN BLOCK-CIPHER CRYPTANALYSIS - I more drooled over than read.  You start getting into such real world math applications as cryptography, and it starts getting a lot cooler than calculus in the classroom.
  • Mapping the Universe at 30 TB a Night - Linked from reddit/programming, who's RSS feed I am, in fact, subscribed to, in its 48.5 articles/day goodness.
  • Demj.jpg - Again touching on the cool factor of mathematics.  Luckily this picture includes the C source to generate it.  Sime time spent studying it, more time spent trying to hack it to generate more than the one image.  Little to no success.  Partly due to segmentation fault in stopmotion, which I was unable to track down, because Ubuntu's apt-get build-dep fell completely on its face.
So, keeping in mind that this was only in the last three hours of my life, I hope you can understand how I can keep myself entertained without having anything interesting to post here.  I would like to note that the last two weeks have been a special case due to a work flow change, which I will post about soon.

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